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How to maintain teeth like as pearl white

Humans face is the index of the mind to read and mouth is window of our face. For our face teeth gives us perfection to the face outlook, to look adorable need to do some oral practice daily 3 times this helps us to battle with germs and gum related problems.

We human are very bound to hygienic and like to be cleanly surroundings of ours, but we forget ourselves in the word of caring. After having food or sweet need to googol our mouth for at least 3 minutes. Otherwise our teeth easily attract to germs and other dental related problems.

Some steps are there to reduce the gum related problems and are,

Ø  And need brush 3 times a day and especially at the time of bed, the germs are more active at night. So it is better to not forget brush regularly at night.

Ø  Avoid sugar food such as chocolates and candy.

Ø  Avoid junk foods ASWINI

These are some steps to reduce and maintain teeth as pearl white.

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